LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR : Marché de Noël de Lyon

Le marché de Noël 2021 de la place de la Croix-Rousse annulé 🎄🎅 - Sorties à Lyon Le guide pour sortir à Lyon et des bons plans à Lyon


Technology depending upon the usage has both good and bad effects on teenagers. Our Live Virtual Tour is the best collaboration between technology and learning experience. Le Frehindi believes in turning every event into an opportunity for the growth and development of youth. We don’t let the barrier of distance come in between the exploration of French & EU culture. Our Live Virtual Tour gives takes the students to a dream come true experience.


With the idea, vision, and guidance of their mentor Mr. Haru Mehra, students of varied schools had a wonderful experience of the Live Virtual Tour: Marché de Noël de Lyon. Below is the name of schools that experienced the live virtual tour.

Below are the name of schools that experienced the live virtual tour.


Every school had the virtual tour for about an hour. In this virtual tour of the city Lyon. Students got to know about the famous cuisine and gastronomy, historical and architectural landmarks, why it is called the city of lights, how it became the birthplace of cinema and much more. The highlight of the tour being the Marché de Noël de Lyon.

Mr. Haru Mehra took the students through stalls and explained about their products, interacted with the tourists, natives and vendors. Here are a few things that were shown in Live Virtul Tour: Marché de Noël de Lyon.

  1.  Gare Routier : A connecting point of all the public transport in Lyon. Lyon-Perrache is a large railway station located in the Perrache district that was opened in 1857. It is connect to all networks M (Metro), F (Furniculars), T (Tramways), c (Buses).


  • 2.  Food & Drinks: France is known for its rich cuisine many people come here to learn culinary courses become gourmet chefs. Below are some food available in Marché de Noël .
  •  • Crêpe: sweet crêpes and savory galettes served with a wide variety of fillings such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, meats, nutela and a variety of spreads.
    • Different variety of chocolate and candies, Chocolate barbeque
    Vin chaud (hot wine), chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) only in winters
    Tartiflette ( a dish made of potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions. A splash of white wine can be added too)
    Variety of cheese and making them live and how it is packed to take away
    Raclette dish– cheese on potato & legumes
    Maple syrup from candaian stall
    • Pasta cooked inside the cheese not utensils (pâte cusine)
    • Sea food: oyesters
    • Sausages
    • TEA- varities: green tea, black tea, sweet tea (fruit), spicy tea
    • Fruit pulp- cakes are also made of them
    • Biscuit and cakes from Alsace region,
    Marrons chaud: roasted fruit: train to steam
    • Dry fruits
    Ginger bread


3.  Jewelry and clothes: Modern and contemporary jewelry like earing, bracelet, necklace, silk scarfs. Lyon was the capital of the European silk trade in 16th century.


4.  Toys, puzzles & Magic : Small toys, houses, figurines animals, houses, shops, farms, etc (family gathering time with uncles, aunts etc), puzzle3d mechanic 100 percent wood, made of wood and moveable , puzzles that come from Ukraine: how it is made., Portefeuille magique- magic purse


5.  Decorations: lights, Diwali star and Christmas decorations.


Le Mag des bons plans de Noël à Lyon !


After the virtual tour the principals and teachers of schools expressed their gratitude to Mr. Haru Mehra followed by a Q&A session. Below are the feedback and learnings from Q&A session after the Live Virtual Tour: Marché de Noël de Lyon.

  •  Most of the people prefer walking rather than opting for their personal vehicles. Mode of commutation is walking and cycling. French people love to walk they have a habit of walking. It is common in French culture. They were also explained about Bicycle tracks only for bicycle and Tour de France (Bicycle race).
  •  Marché de Noël de Lyon takes place at Place Carnot: Park dedicate to mother and daughter.
  •  Students learned about traditions, temperature in France, seasons, time difference between India and France, usage of the 24-hour clock to tell time, also known as “military time” in the US,  chocolate, jewelry, toys and new vocabulary.
  •  Students learned about Place Ampère, Ampere statue, Ampere the unit of electric current and Ampère – Victor Hugo metro station



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You can also ask your school to participate in Scholastic tour. The primary purpose of Le Frehindi Scholastic exchange program is to foster global visionaries and leaders who will be able to comfortably operate within global constructs. The exchange will provide the students’ required tools and guidance to broaden their global perspective & explore career / higher education options in Europe.


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