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Best Students Reward : Indian students glitter

Dear Friends of India,
The annual graduation ceremony of the University of Burgundy took place in the prestigious Chateau de la Verrerie in Le Creusot.
Were invited the VIBOT/ I A students who cleared their Master 2 in this field but also the MAIA students under Erasmus who earned their Master 2 degree.
Altogether 26 students got their reward.
I would like as president of AFEI 71 & Vice President of L’Association Frehindi,  put to highlight the brilliant performance of VIBOT/ I A   student ShriArul Gobichettipalayam who not only obtained his Master2 completion award but also was named   “Best Student” for the year 2021/2022.
Another Indian student, Ms Vaishnavi  Kanagasabapathi was named “Best Master1 student for this Year in Vibot/I A.”
Bravo & Congratulations to both of them & the whole team of LAF congratulate them & looking forward to welcoming them to our stand on Saturday the 17th Sept. 2022.
Shri Arul is to pursue PhD in Belgium as a researcher & we wish him all the best.
Dinner was served to celebrate the graduates in the splendid hall of the Chateau, built in the 19th century and I personally was very proud to join them.
Many Indian students qualified with a degree from Le Creusot Condorcet University (under the supervision of the University of Burgundy) go for a PhD afterwards in Big companies primarily in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Berlin and so on.
For those Indian parents in India & France who are looking for their ward to join the VIBOT/ IA = Vision in ComputerVision & Robotics +Artificial Intelligence & MaIA = Medical Image Application at the University of Burgandy, myself & Mr Haru MEHRA, who is also a member of AFEI 71 would be happy to help.
Dr Kaisse CHOPRA
President, AFEI71
Vice-President, L’Association Frehindi
Here are some of the pictures of the proud moments for India

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