L’Association Frehindi welcomes Rahis Bharti at Fête des Bannières

L’Association Frehindi welcomes you to the world of music with Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan!


Lyon proudly hosts the 17th Fête des Bannières  at 11 am on September 17, 2022 at Place bellecour. The purpose of this festival is to get to know the people of Lyon and Rhône-Alpes, be thankful to a great popular festival, and celebrate the diversity of cultures and foreign communities.


Dhoad, a group created and directed by Rahis Bharti aims to brings together musicians from Rajasthan, India. The group is commonly know by the name Dhoad gypsies of Rajasthan, or Dhoad gypsies from Rajasthan. The name Dhoad orignates from the village of Rahis Bharti. The group consitutes of singers, musicians, traditional dancers (the Ghoomar dance), players of traditional tabla, dholak, harmonium, kartel, bhapang, Indian Jew’s harp), fakirs, fire eaters, acrobats, poets and troubadours.



Rahis Bharti, himself is an Indian musician and tabla player specializing in folk and classical styles. He is the descendant of over seven generations of royal court Rajasthani musician, with multiple and diverse cultural influences. He’s a most renowned figure responsible for popularizing Rajasthani arts and music globally. He is a music producer, educator, artistic director, and founder of several ensembles. He honors traditional Indian and Rajasthani music while experimenting with musical exchanges with other musical aesthetics. He became an ambassador and custodian of the culture of Rajasthan. He has sponsored and promoted over 700 local Rajasthani dancers, musicians and artists from various villages and towns in India and introduced them to the global stage. He has collaborated with scores of musicians from and around the world, including Spanish Flamenco musicians, African musicians, Corsican musicians and Pop stars in Europe and the USA.

He has performed over 2500 concerts in more than 120 countries around the world in last 22 years. He has organized educational workshops and classes on Rajasthani music, arts and culture in schools, colleges and universities.



• The Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan, label Dhoad Gypsies, 2005
• Roots travelers, World village France Harmonia mundi distribution, 2011
• Âfya, Sidi Bémol & Dhoad, gypsies from Rajasthan, CSB productions, 2014
• Times of Maharajas, ARC Music, 2019


• 2015: Silicon Valley global organization community award in USA.
• 2016: Awards Include: The Fryderyk Award (Polish Grammy) Poland.
• 2018: Rajasthan Gouvrav (Pride of Rajasthan) Jaipur India
• 2019: CID Section of Japan ,UNESCO award for Cultural Ambassador of Rajasthan Bestowed upon Rahis Bharti 2 February in Tokyo Japan.
• 15 August 2019: District Award by city of Jaipur on the Independence day of India.
• 26 January 2020: Rajasthan state award on Republic day of india By Rajasthan Governor.



L’Association Frehindi ( LAF ), is proud to invite all people in the city of Lyon to come & watch the performance of the world-renowned DHOAD group of musicians from Rajasthan at the inauguration of 2022 fête de bannière on 17th Sept. 2022 at 11 am.


This initiative is possible because of the support & help of the Embassy of India in Paris under which all the projects of LAF are rolled out in the Rhone-Alps region of France.


Witness the musical delight of DHOAD group of musicians from Rajasthan !!



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